Who Actually Composed ‘The Force Awakens’ Trailer Music???

What Does This Mean For ‘Star Wars’ Film Scores Moving Forward???

According to Slashfilm, the newly composed music for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer was not by John Williams although the maestro is scoring the film itself…

…it is [a] remix and reworking of mostly previous music, along with some new material created just for the trailer, and not by Williams.

It is fairly common knowledge that there are composers who specifically create music for movie trailers.


Film composer Frederick Lloyd contributed The Force Theme portion of the music to the trailer. Here is a tweet of his…

The first half of the music was reportedly worked on by John Samuel Hanson while trailer editors Josh Dunn and Brent Rockswold cut the picture.

If all of this is true then I think it’s good news. We have, in the very near future, several Star Wars films that will not have John Williams as their composer. The trailer for The Force Awakens is proof that other talented composers can take the master composer’s work and use it as a launching pad for new themes grounded in the classic Star Wars-style created by John Williams. What do you think???



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