VIDEO: The Brazilian Star Wars?!? Good grief.

The W3 Reveals Another Jedi-inspired er… Treasure.

Reddit User Mat0fr has generously shared a 27-second piece of vintage video produced from roughly the same time period as the Original Trilogy by Os Trapalhões (which translates to The Buffoons). Have a look… I promise it’ll make your day.

For those of you who absolutely must know more you’re in luck. Reddit User busdriverbuddha1 shared some info about the intrepid creative team behind this video…

They were a big hit here in Brazil through the 70s, 80s and 90s with their silly slapstick humor and had a regular show in the largest TV network, Globo.

Apparently Os Trapalhões parlayed their success on TV into feature films…

Some were decent and even legitimately funny, others not so much. To my knowledge, this Star Wars pastiche is the worst film they ever starred in. It is a very blatant money-grab from the success of ANH and was actually a big box office hit.

Brazil 3

Apparently, Star Wars was not the only property parodied by the Brazilian comedy group. According to Wikipedia…

There was also, in all the years of the series, several parodies of traditional comics‘ superheroes, like Superman (mostly played by Didi because of his leader role), Batman (played as a second banana by Dedé because of Dedé’s second banana role and also because of the homosexual interpretations about Batman and him), Spider-ManHulkThe Phantom, etc.

Watch Os Trapalhões on YouTube to see more from these zany wannabe Jedi.