VIDEO: Star Wars Episode IV Bloopers!!!

“The Making of Star Wars” Book by J.W. Rinzler Enhanced With Rare Videos, Audio Interviews and Exclusive Photos & Artwork!

I’m sharing this from Neil Bowyer’s YouTube channel but all props and credit go to Lucasfilm and J.W. Rinzler.

The Making of Star Wars ebook is an enhanced version of the incredible Hardcover version which was the result of unprecedented access to the Lucasfilm Archives, which according to, contained:

…never-before-published “lost” interviews, photos, production notes, factoids, and anecdotes…

The hardcover book itself explores the origins of the characters, features excerpts from different drafts of Lucas’ Star Wars script, recounts the birth of Industrial Light & Magic which would become a titan in the Hollywood visual effects industry, relates the story behind the casting which was a saga unto itself, takes you along on the “grueling” location shoot in Tunisia and the “breakneck” shoot at Elstree Studios in London and features rare interviews with the cast and crew who brought this classic to life.

The enhanced eBook version builds upon all of the aforementioned with…

…26 minutes of rare behind-the-scenes video*, 29 minutes of rare audio interviews with the cast and crew [and] new bonus photos and artwork not found in the print edition…

*Keep in mind that the video portion of the eBook may not play on all readers so, if you’re looking into buying it, check your reader’s user manual.

As far as the bloopers themselves go, I have to say that editing goes such a long way towards creating movie magic. Taken at face value, the shots by themselves, especially when a blooper happens, make it seem like Star Wars was on its way to being a B-Movie. I’m reminded of all the stories about the crew and some of the cast not taking the gig seriously and laughing behind George’s back during production. Thank heavens, and the benefit of us all, George had the last laugh.

Visit to buy either the hardcover or the enhanced eBook version of the hardcover.  This is not sponsored, nor is it advertising. It’s just something I think is cool and thought you’d enjoy.