VIDEO: New ‘Star Wars’ Scene Plus Tribute To John Williams At 2015 AMAs

The ‘Star Wars’ Theme Music As You’ve Probably Never Heard It…

The 2015 American Music Awards featured a cool surprise for Star Wars fans. Jennifer Lopez introduced a new clip from The Force Awakens featuring Finn (John Boyega) , Rey (Daisy Ridley) and BB-8 escaping from TIE Fighters.

Then Harrison Ford appeared onstage as a surprise guest, received a standing ovation and introduced the Pentatonix. The a cappella group, dressed in Star Wars-inspired fashion, then performed a loving symphonic tribute to Star Wars and it’s iconic theme with John Williams’ orchestra.

YouTuber dangdogblog uploaded a video of the tribute. Take a look…

Rolling Stone spoke with Pentatonix as they were preparing for the tribute last week…

“We just came out of rehearsal and it’s going to be epic,” beatboxer Kevin Olusola promised. “It was really a collaboration with the orchestra. We were ecstatic when they asked us if we would be willing to work with John Williams’ orchestra. Our background is in choral music, so this felt like a chance to revisit and re-study certain classical techniques.”

Pentatonix released their self-titled LP in October and features predominantly original material. A special thanks to dangdogblog for uploading the video.


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