Vader’s Dying Thoughts Revealed… 30 Years Ago

The Original ‘Return of the Jedi’ Novelization Reveals Vader’s Final, Innermost Thoughts…

The novelizations of the original Star Wars Trilogy are unique because they offer more depth and detail to scenes that many of us know by heart.  For example, the Prologue to the 1977 Star Wars: A New Hope novelization begins with the phrase “Another galaxy, another time…” and goes on to poetically describe Palpatine’s rise to power and the subsequent fall of the crumbling Old Republic. This before The Empire Strikes Back was even in theaters! Another example is of the space battle above Endor during final act of Return of the Jedi. It describes the heroism of the Rebel Alliance pilots and describes rebel transports being loaded with explosives and set on suicide missions to bring down Star Destroyers.


Today Reddit user mizzoustormtrooper shared probably the best scene from the Return of the Jedi novelization which was authored by James Kahn and published in 1983. It reveals exactly what was going on in Anakin Skywalker’s head as he lay dying in Luke’s arms. Here is a scan of that incredibly touching passage but ***read on below the scan for one very important line which is not included on this page that ties Vader with Yoda…


On the next page the book describes Anakin becoming aware of the expression on Luke’s face as he beheld his disfigured face for the first time so, to comfort him, he told Luke…

Luminous beings are we; not this crude matter.

As published in 1983, Anakin quoted Yoda moments before death! Also, Anakin had wished he could thank Yoda and Obi-Wan for training his boy.

On Page 2… More From The Return of the Jedi Novelization!



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