TIE Fighter Variations

48 Versions of the Classic ‘Star Wars’ Fighter

Redditor illestprodigy shared this interesting graphic showing the many versions of the classic TIE fighter. Many of these are from the old Expanded Universe (a.k.a. Legends) stories like the Thrawn Trilogy and the Dark Empire comic series but, to me,  just about all of them look like they belong in the official Star Wars universe. The only exception is the TIE Star Cruiser which looks like it belongs in SpaceBalls.

Which is your favorite? The classic TIE, Vader’s TIE and the TIE Interceptor still reign supreme in my book. By the way, the TIE tank I mentioned on Facebook is the TIE Crawler (first in the 3rd Row) and it looks badass. Click the image for a closer look… 

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tie-variations-webSpecial thanks to illestprodigy and JMAS on Wookiepedia for both images.


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