This Week’s Star Wars Cosplay – 10 Bombshells From A Galaxy Far, Far Away….

Star Wars COStume PLAY At Its Very FINEST!

I love the subculture of cosplay for several reasons… the intersection of youth and vintage pop culture, the imaginative, one-of-a kind costumes that sometimes mix different characters into one new one and the sense of community among geeks especially when you have genius nerds, hot girls and beautiful, unique people from all walks of life celebrating something in common. So when you throw Star Wars and beautiful women into the cosplay blender, well… everyone wins, right? Soon I’ll be posting some the best Star Wars Cosplay pictures I’ve seen online but, while that one comes together, here are some of the finest Star Wars geeks you can find.

1. Adrianne Curry as an Imperial Officer

Adrianne Curry Female Imperial Officer

Adrianne Curry 2