This Incredible Fan-Made Replica Of A Classic ‘Star Wars’ Prop Is 100% Usable…

This Looks So Real You’ll Expect These Episode IV Monster Pieces To Move… Wait A Minute, They WILL Move Soon!

Back in October, I featured an article on this talented guy who was in the process of painstakingly creating the monster play pieces for his own exacting version of the Millennium Falcon’s Holochess Table. You’ll remember that it was this game that pitted R2-D2 against Chewbacca in Episode IV while they were en route to Alderaan and which prompted C-3PO to exclaim “…let the wookie win!”

YouTuber and Holochess creator Dejarik Creations has released a short video demonstrating the completed and fully functional Holochess table, its monster pieces and demonstrates how one can actually play a game of Dejarik. Have a look…

It was a stroke of genius to 3-Dimensionally scan the the monster pieces and I love how he’s thinking to animate them for the app-enabled version. Just brilliant! One final question… is it too late to ask for one of these for Christmas??? Find out more at and read our article for an in-depth look at the actual Holochess Monster Play Pieces.



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