This Has ONE Feature Han Would Have Wanted…

Star Wars Battlefront Bundle Includes Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Mini-Fridge… Say What?

I suppose it makes sense. Carbon freezing… A refrigerator…  Plus, gamers need to keep their soda and/or snacks handy, AMIRITE? While supplies last, is offering a Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition bundle which features an officially licensed mini fridge depicting our favorite smuggler encased in carbonite a la The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

mini fridge 1

With enough room to hold six standard-sized 12 oz. cans the fridge also features both cooling and warming functions to keep your food at the proper temperature. I’m sure Han would have appreciated that feature. The Deluxe Edition Bundle is available with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. It ships November 17, the same day as Star Wars Battlefront.

mini fridge 2

Click here to preorder the Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition with Han Solo Fridge. 

This is not sponsored, nor is it advertising, nor am I an affiliate. It’s just something I think is cool.