These Licensed Star Wars Costumes Will Make Your Eyes Pop!

Conquer Halloween… Or any Comic-Con… Or your Man Cave With ANOVOS Star Wars Costumes!

According to their website, ANOVOS “…represents the pinnacle in screen accurate uniforms and prop replicas…” Founded in 2009, this incredible company has been awarded the high end costume / replica license rights to properties such as Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and, most recently, Star Wars.

ANOVOS brings customers in at the earliest stages of prototyping rather than in the typical inventory / stock phase of sales. This gives the customer the best price and ANOVOS a clearer picture of which products will be in high demand. Those who buy during the prototype phase (Tier 1) will pay less but wait a bit longer than those who buy a costume later in the process (Tier 2). Therefore, the costumes and helmets you see here are currently in pre-order.

Take a look at some of their masterpieces-in-the-making and then check out their website.

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Star Wars Imperial Snowtrooper Ensemble



Tantalizing Rogue One Stormtrooper Helmets!



TIE Fighter Pilot Ensemble On The Next Page!


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