The Ultimate Star Wars Fan Experience!

All Seven Movies… One Epic Day At The Movies!

On December 17, The Star Wars Marathon Event will kick off with The Phantom Menace, feature the rest of the films in chronological order and conclude with an early screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. According to

Guests will see each of the six previously released Star Wars episodes in digital 2D… concluding with the opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 3D!

Marathon guests will be given a lanyard that features exclusive marathon art.  >>>This page has a list of participating theaters along with a short list of theaters that will be running special Star Wars promotions. And here is the Fandango page for the Marathon although, at the time of this writing, tickets are not yet on sale. That will probably change tonight after the premiere of the official theatrical trailer of The Force Awakens during Monday Night Football.<<<

Will you be attending the marathon? I have mixed feelings about sitting in a theater for so long and being exhausted by the time The Force Awakens is screened. Including intermission times, it is estimated that the total marathon time will be 18 hours. It will, however, be a totally unique experience and an incredible chance for younger generations to see the original films on the big screen especially since, for the first time, there will be another film after Return of the Jedi!!! Let us know on our Facebook page what you think…


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