The Most Interesting Non-Spoilers From ‘The Force Awakens’ Press Conference

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Global Press Conference

The official Star Wars: The Force Awakens press conference was held on December 6 in Los Angeles, featured two panels with the film’s key players and was so secret that journalists didn’t even know where it would take place until two days before the event. There was even a formal request that all attendees turn off geotagging on their cameras.

Here are some interesting non-spoiling facts which surfaced during the press conference. Many thanks to /film and c|net for sharing these tidbits. All photo credit for this article goes to c|net’s Brian Tong.


1. On Kylo Ren, screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan says…

…doesn’t have his shit all together… you’re getting all the contradictions and conflicts that people feel. That’s what’s unique about what Adam has done.


2. On the possibility that Maz Kanata and Yoda knew one another, J.J. Abrams said…

I do believe that Maz and Yoda, at some point, crossed paths. But that is not something that happens in this film.

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