“The Circle Is Now Complete” Star Wars Inspires Feudal Japan Figures

Incredible Figures Show What  A Star Wars-Influenced Feudal Japan Would Look Like

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It’s no secret that the samurai films of the 1950’s  influenced George Lucas. The films of Akira Kurosawa, especially “The Hidden Fortress”, bubbled up from the depths of Lucas’ consciousness as he was writing his, soon-to-be-famed, space opera. Even the design of Star Wars demonstrates an obvious link to the feudal culture of Japan…

samurai helmet vintagedarth vader helmet for comparison


Now, with Star Wars fandom reaching a fever pitch with the production of new films, games and even a theme park, several alternate reality versions of Star Wars are emerging from the pop culture machine worldwide. Lucky for us, toymakers such as Bandai and Tamashii have jumped on the bandwagon by asking, “What would feudal Japan have looked like if it were inspired by Star Wars?”

Here’s the answer…

vader guards troopers


On August 25th, Tamashii Nations’ Meisho Movie Realization toy line went on pre-sale for about $75.00 per figure.

darth vader foot on rockboba fettstormtrooper 8stormtrooper 9

Classic characters such as Darth Vader, Boba Fett, the Stormtrooper and Imperial Guard have received the Tamashii makeover and appear as they would have at the height of the age of the samurai hundreds of years.

If only Hattori Hanzo designed lightsabers….

lightsaber samurai sword


A stormtrooper pack looking a bit steampunk-ish…
stormtrooper 7

A stormtrooper’s tools of the trade…
stormtrooper 4


Boba Fett moves in for the kill Toshiro Mifune-style…
boba fett leaping

The actual release date for these toys will be after the premiere of “The Force Awakens” so reserve yours now to avoid missing the boat.

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