The 10 Most Valuable Star Wars Action Figures!!

Prepare To Be Shocked At How Much Your Old Toys Are Worth…

I grew up in the 1970s and 80s so Star Wars was a huge part of my childhood. I’d spend endless hours re-enacting scenes from the films, and creating new ones, with my beloved action figures. My day job for the past twenty years has been filmmaking so I credit Star Wars and playing with my Star Wars toys with lighting my imagination on fire and setting the foundation for my career. Becoming immersed in my imagination and dreaming up adventures for my toys has served me well.

The end result for my toys, however, was getting dirty, becoming damaged and getting lost around the house and even around the neighborhood. I had a cousin whose dad would buy him all of the latest SW toys but they’d go up on a shelf still in their packaging. My uncle must have known something most people didn’t at that time but I’ll never forget seeing my cousin longingly looking up at his toys. My dad would have none of that and encouraged me to have fun with my action figures. Now those memories are priceless and the toys themselves are worth a pretty penny.

Take a look at this list put together by and let me know on our Facebook page if you owned any of these highly prized action figures. I, like most or all of you reading this, owned all of these but the more common, mass-produced versions.

10. Blue Snaggletooth: $500 – $700
The blue Snaggletooth is rarer of the two released figures of this character because it came with the Sears-released Mos Eisley Cantina set. The proper version, released by Kenner later, wore red, was shorter and had different packaging driving up the value of its rarer blue cousin.

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9. Luke Skywalker (with double-telescoping lightsaber): $1,000
Kenner picked up the license to release Star Wars action figures after Mego Corporation turned down the offer in the 1976. Kenner, unprepared for the demand, came up with “early bird” packages which became available in 1978. This version of Luke was part of that package and the later, mass-produced versions had a one-piece lightsaber making this one highly sought after.

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8. Han Solo (with blaster): $1,000
The “original 12-back figures” from 1978 were referred to in this way because they had the entire set of 12 available action figures pictured on the back of their package. I remember looking at the entire set of toys pictured on the back and dreaming of having them all. For the 1978 Han Solo there were two variations, one had a smaller head than the other. In it’s original packaging, this action figure will fetch at least a cool grand.

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