‘Star Wars’ Pinup Girls Dressed In Milk

‘Splash Wars’ Pays Tribute To ‘Star Wars’

Last year a photo series of 1940s-style pinup girls dressed entirely in milk made the rounds over the internet. Now Manu Cabañero, a Barcelona-based photog, has created a similar series inspired by Star Wars. So Bad So Good has brought us the pictures…


The photo process itself was normal but the final, dramatic effect was created afterwards when Cabañero would “dress” his models using a combination of splashes in Photoshop.


According to Cabañero…

First we had to think about what characters are representative of the series and which are feasible to do with milk and then give a feminine tone…


More Star Wars news… 


Cabañero has plans to shoot another Splash Wars in the near future. Which Star Wars characters does he intend to portray? Stormtroopers and Boba Fett… For more on this and other cool stories, visit So Bad So Good!



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