Rumor: The Return of Grand Moff Tarkin???

Peter Cushing being brought back to life via CGI for Rogue One!

Tarkin's Last Moment

According to the folks at Daily Mail, filmmakers are bringing Peter Cushing back from beyond the grave to reprise his role as Episode IV villain Grand Moff Tarkin, commander of the Death Star #1 and merciless holder of Darth Vader’s leash:

In the new film Cushing, who died of prostate cancer aged 81, will be painstakingly brought back to life using the latest Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) techniques.

A source told The Mail on Sunday: ‘This is one of the most complex and costly CGI re-creations ever. Cushing is a pivotal plot line as he was the one to create Darth Vader and there’s a whole back story that will come out.’

Wait, what??? The one to “create Darth Vader”? If there is truth to this that would explain why Tarkin was the only other character, besides the Emperor, to have authority over the dark father.

Tarkin and Vader
Notice the blocking of Tarkin and Darth Vader in Episode IV. Darth Vader seems to always be following the Grand Moff.

The article goes on to explain the challenges of digital resurrection:

But the film-makers face one particularly tough task – creating Cushing’s legs and feet… When director George Lucas filmed the original Star Wars, he gave Cushing and other Galactic Imperial officers ill-fitting leather riding boots. Cushing complained so bitterly that Lucas let him wear slippers, forcing cameramen to shoot from the knees up or have him stand behind the Death Star conference table.

star wars slippers

‘They are going through hours and hours of old footage from the horror movies to recreate his legs and feet to produce realistic movements,’ said the source. ‘It is eerie to see someone who has been dead for so long come to life on a screen.’

As the above paragraph states, Cushing was legendary before even being cast in Star Wars and played such iconic characters as Sherlock Holmes, Van Helsing, Baron Victor Frankenstein and the Sheriff of Nottingham.


But if you think this is the first time an actor has been brought back to life for a movie role, you’d be wrong. Ridley Scott, in a pinch while shooting Gladiator, used CGI to finish Oliver Reed’s scene-work after the actor’s untimely death.

(still from “Gladiator from

I, for one, am all for the return of the Grand Moff.