RUMOR: PRE-ORDER TICKETS For Star Wars: The Force Awakens On This Date…

So Far Two Theater Chains Have Signed Up To Participate

Several online sources including ScreenRant, Full of Sith and /Film are reporting that you may not have long to wait to pre-order The Force Awakens tickets provided you live near a Century and / or Cinemark movie theater. The rumored date tickets will go on pre-order is October 19th. Other theater chains are expected to follow suit.

Also rumored is that a new The Force Awakens trailer will be released in late October. Trailer news coming from the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year had it that a new trailer would drop in the fall. It makes sense that a new trailer would coincide with a ticket pre-order date.

My question is this…. Assuming more theaters, or even most theaters, jump on board with pre-selling tickets on October 19th, is it  possible that several days or weeks worth of showings would be sold out through the pre-ordering of tickets? What kind of commotion would that cause?

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