RUMOR: Netflix To Stream The 1st Six “Star Wars” Films???

SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 UPDATE: According to, Netflix has addressed this rumor with an “ambiguous” statement.

On the heels of calling an end to their deal with EPIX, which will result in hundreds of A-list titles being removed from their streaming service, Netflix is now fielding questions about whether or not they will be streaming the original six “Star Wars” films in the near future.

According to

There is some evidence of this potentially becoming a reality when searching deep under the top layer of Netflix’s library for Star Wars titles. There are existing pages within the streaming app (login required to see them) that lead us to believe we’re not that far off from Star Wars streaming on Netflix… Here’s a screenshot of the Empire Strikes Back page just in case these end up deleted or hidden from view:


Netflix has responded to Exstreamist’s queries by stating that there are no current official plans to stream the Star Wars films on their platform. Despite this, it will be interesting to see how their 2016 contract with Disney plays out. It certainly makes sense that, with “The Force Awakens” premiering in December, Disney and Lucasfilm would want to put the original films in front of as many viewers as possible to “remind” them they want to see the new movie.

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