RUMOR: Fantastic Four Actor To Play Boba Fett In Standalone Film???

What Does This Mean For Continuity With The Prequels???

Meet The Movie Press, with Mark E. Reilly and Jeff Sneider, streamed an interesting episode a couple of days ago in which an interesting Star Wars rumor was brought up. According to Sneider, F. Gary Gray, director of Set It Off, The Italian Job, and most recently, Straight Outta Compton, is reportedly considering two films, either Furious 8 or another film which required meetings in San Francisco. Of course, the implication is that he was taking meetings at Lucasfilm.

Could F. Gary Gray be the next director being considered for one of the Star Wars Anthology films? Or could he possibly be the next director on the Indiana Jones franchise? Sneider floats both possibilities in the video but he seems to think that F. Gary Gray will be replacing Josh Trank on the Boba Fett standalone film.

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To push his point home, Sneider goes on to bring up the fact that Michael B. Jordan, who starred in the most recent Fantastic Four film, as well as Fruitvale Station and Friday Night Lights, is rumored to be under serious consideration to play the infamous bounty hunter. Also, brought up is the fact that, by hiring Gray, Walt Disney Studios would be satisfying their diversity mandate by hiring a non-white male director.


If true, the Star Wars Prequels would basically lose their canon status. Is that good news or bad? What do you think????

Check out the video below. The Star Wars comments are at 10:50…

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