Robot Chicken Writer Makes Big Mistake With George Lucas!

Meeting With ‘Star Wars’ Creator Goes Horribly Wrong…

George Lucas created ‘Star Wars’ and, several years after the series ended with Return of the Jedi, he allowed a slew of other writers to create the Expanded Universe which partly consisted of books which took place before and after the beloved Trilogy. Arguably the most popular of these books was the Thrawn Trilogy of novels written by the incredible Timothy Zahn. Mara Jade was introduced in the first of these novels, Heir to the Empire. George Lucas did not create Mara Jade. Timothy Zahn created Mara Jade. Don’t forget this in case you’re ever in a meeting with George Lucas like this writer from Robot Chicken did…

A tip of the hat to YouTuber Andrew K for sharing this video.  Obviously this was a spoof but I find it to be simply hilarious. Also, having read the Star Wars: Thrawn Trilogy series of books back in the 1990’s, I found it cool to see a piece of video where George Lucas acknowledges one of its iconic characters. I work around plenty of celebrities and making a mistake like this is always a threat on the horizon. For the uninitiated, here is Mara Jade…

Mara Jade
(artist unknown)
According to the stories, Jade was the Emperor’s assassin then, after his death, she went rogue and became a smuggler, was later forced to work with Luke Skywalker, from whom she later received Jedi training, only to become his wife in later years.

mara-jade-skywalker-web(artist unknown)


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