RIP Luke Skywalker 1977 – 2015

Last of the Jedi Meets Unceremonious End on Hoth…

Star Wars: Battlefront, the first and third-person shooter by EA, is currently in beta and players are uploading some hilarious videos of their game play. Apparently YouTube user Zephs should have Luke’d where he was going (thanks to YouTube user LordOfGilneas for that joke).

I love the artwork created to promote the game…

10 HOT Princess Leia Slave Dress Cosplayers!


RUMOR: Does This Major, Original Trilogy Character Play A Role in “The Force Awakens” & Beyond?

I’m not a gamer but, based on what I’ve seen online, reviews so far have been positive but with notes for improvement. For more information about Star Wars: Battlefront, visit!


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