“Revenge of the Jedi” Teaser Reveals Unfinished ROTJ Scenes…

Luke’s Lightsaber Is Blue In This Early & Rare Episode VI Teaser Trailer!

Though I don’t know exactly when this teaser was released, it was early enough in the process that Episode VI was still named Revenge of the Jedi and several of the its scenes featured unfinished special effects. I’m going to guess this ran in 1982. Can you spot the scene which was deleted from the final cut of the movie?

You’ll notice that Luke’s lightsaber is blue during the Jabba’s Sail Barge battle. I’ve read that it was changed to green to make it stand out from the sky in this scene and also because Lucas didn’t want to confuse audiences with Luke’s earlier lightsaber. I’m not sure which is true but there may be an element of truth to both. During one of the Battle of Endor clips featuring Han Solo, he takes a shot but there is no laser bolt coming out of his blaster. My favorite unfinished special effect in this trailer is the scene featuring Obi-Wan Kenobi. He appears in the flesh and not in spirit form during his Dagobah scene. It was a surprise and made me unexpectedly feel good as if Obi-Wan had never died on the Death Star. There is also a tiny snippet of Han, Leia and the rest of the group walking toward the Falcon during the sandstorm. Of course, this scene is probably the best-known example of a deleted scene from the final cut of Return of the Jedi.

Even though I’m not a fan of this teaser in particular, it’s a cool bit of Star Wars marketing history and it makes me feel really nostalgic. It also reminds me of the sadness I felt as an eight-year old sitting in the theater just as the movie finished realizing that there would be no more Star Wars films. I wonder what eight-year-old me would have thought of the Prequels and of the current crop of Star Wars films currently under production. This video was posted on YouTube user StarDestroyer77’s page.