One-Of-A-Kind Star Wars Relics Up For Grabs!

Princess Leia’s Blockade Runner & Metal Bikini Headed To Auction…

On October the 1st, over 50 lots of props, costumes, camera equipment and conceptual items from the production of the original Star Wars Trilogy will be put up for auction by Profiles In History.

According to New York Post

The “Star Wars” sale… is likely to whet the appetites of avid fans ahead of the December release of “The Force Awakens,” the seventh film installment.

The items being auctioned, including the Rebel Blockade Runner from the very first scene in Episode IV, represent what dreams are made of to Star Wars fans and collectors. Take a look at the following gallery to preview some of the more important items in the collection and what they’re expected to fetch…

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Carrie Fisher “Slave Leia” Costume Collection and Display / Episode VI
$80,000 – $120,000

Leia Slave Girl Dress

Leia 2

“Jabba the Hutt” Maquette / Episode VI
$12,000 – $15,000

Jabba Maquette

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