New Hasbro ‘Star Wars’ Action Figures!

You Can Finally Take Maz Kanata Home From The Bar…

Entertainment Weekly released exclusive pictures of new Star Wars: The Force Awakens action figures ahead of the annual Toy Fair convention taking place in New York on Saturday, February 13th.

The Maz Kanata action figure includes a blaster and headgear with goggles but will also be available with the Takodana Encounter playset being released this spring.










The Takodana playset will also include Rey and BB-8. This version of Rey is similar to the previous one which apparently sold out nationwide.










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This Finn figure will also be included in the Takodana playset which will be available for $19.99.










Besides the four characters, the Takodana Encounter playset will also include Rey’s staff, two blasters, two versions of Luke’s blue-bladed lightsaber – one is just the handle while the other is extended. It will also come with the chest where Rey finds the saber.







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