Mark Hamill Undercover As First Order Stormtrooper In Hollywood

The Master Jedi Dons First Order Stormtrooper Gear & It Quickly Becomes Comical…

The cast and filmmakers of Star Wars: The Force Awakens have adopted Omaze as their charitable calling. All of them have nominated a charity, for a total of 15,  that’s close to their heart.

Star Wars fans can then donate an amount, from $10 to $50,000, for the chance to win incredible prizes. These prizes include the chance attend the red carpet premiere of The Force Awakens and to win Star Wars-themed posters, clothing, statues… even screen accurate replicas of Kylo Ren’s mask and helmet and an entire set of Stormtrooper armor.

The funds raised then equally support the causes nominated by the cast and crew.  In this charming and funny video, Mark Hamill throws back to A New Hope, when Luke Skywalker disguised himself as a Stormtrooper to rescue Princess Leia, to spread the news on Hollywood Boulevard.

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Don’t forget to visit for a chance to enter. So…. what does Magic Johnson have to do with all of this?

A few years ago Magic was hosting a benefit for the Boys & Girls Club of America. The chance to sit with him court side during a Lakers game and at a dinner later was being auctioned off. There was a small group of friends in attendance at the benefit who were excited, to say the least, at the chance to spend some time with their childhood hero. Unfortunately, they were broke grad students and the experience ended up clearing for $15,000.

Afterwards, this group of friends wondered aloud why such an incredible experience should be attainable by a select few. And shouldn’t a “magical”  experience like that raise more than $15,000 for the Boys & Girls Club?

Then came a simple idea. What if the same type of opportunities became available online for a $10 donation? Then these dream opportunities could be attainable by anyone- even broke grad students. And that’s how Omaze was born. Discover some more dream experiences, including the Star Wars experience, at


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