Listen To David Prowse’s Voice As Darth Vader!

Is It Just Me? Or Is This Amazing???

Solo artist Jayce Lewis and the production audio geniuses over at Devfire Entertainment have produced a real gem of a video. Initially the goal was to produce an education tutorial video detailing the use of recording studio equipment and how to use certain types of audio software. David Prowse, who played Darth Vader in the Original Trilogy, had been friends with Lewis for over 15 years so he was brought in to record some voice over for the video.

Over the years, Lewis had always been curious to hear what Darth Vader’s lines would have sounded like if David Prowse had recorded them instead of James Earl Jones so what started as a tutorial ended up becoming a detour into a fascinating experiment. This video also features a short interview with Prowse during which he tells different stories including how Jones ended up becoming the voice of Lord Vader. Take a look….

This video was produced and presented by Jayce Lewis and filmed and edited by Simon Huntley / Santori Films.


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