Is It Official? Does Boba Fett Live?

Does Battlefront Screen Capture Feature Boba Fett Post-Return of the Jedi?

Below is a controversial (in fanboy circles) screen capture. Click for a closer look…


A little background first….

Before Disney acquired Lucasfilm there existed the Expanded Universe. The EU, as it came to be referred, was officially licensed material and expanded the Star Wars Universe through books, comics, video games and toys. Taking place outside of the six original films, many EU stories were embraced warmly by Star Wars fans, one example being Thrawn Trilogy novels written by the brilliant Timothy Zahn. Within the Expanded Universe, it was clear that Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc Pit.

Once Disney took over, and to the dismay of many Star Wars fans, it tossed the EU and started from scratch establishing its own canon. Canon, in the case of franchise storytelling means stories which are OFFICIAL. The Disney Star Wars canon includes Episodes 1 through 6, the new Trilogy beginning with The Force Awakens, the Anthology films (rebranded as Star Wars Stories), the Disney animated series such as The Clone Wars and Rebels and, notably, the video game Star Wars: Battlefront.

Now… on to Boba Fett. Did you see the above screen capture above from Star Wars: Battlefront? It features Boba Fett wreaking havoc during a battle on what seems to be Jakku, Rey’s desert home world featured in The Force Awakens. It SEEMS to be Jakku because there is a Star Destroyer crash landing  identically to the way a crashed Star Destroyer appears crashed on Jakku during the opening shot of the second teaser trailer.  Plus, it has been established that the Battle of Jakku, during which the Star Destroyer crash landed, took place soon after the Battle of Endor.

Now many are saying that this scene is really showing Tattooine because of the Jawa sand crawler and the moisture vaporators, like the ones on the Lars homestead. You can see a vaporator at the lower right in this image… Click the picture!


But let’s remember that there’s also a vaporator at the lower left on The Force Awakens poster by  Drew Struzan. Go on! Click it!


Apparently, vaporators are not unique to Tattooine. So, what I’m saying is that Boba Fett is featured alive and well on a canon property during a battle which takes place after the Battle of Endor on a planet featured in the upcoming Episode VII.  Remember that the way these big franchise story departments work is that there is a team of people making absolutely sure that nothing contradicts anything else. Star Trek is a famous example of this and, in the case of Star Wars moving forward, Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that she has people working on continuity. Sooo…. does Boba Fett live on? What do you think??? Let us know on our Facebook page

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