Incredibly Photo-Realistic Portraits of Rey & Luke

These Fan-Created ‘Star Wars’ Masterpieces Belong On Your Wall

The Force is strong with brilliant American artist Elicia Donze. She is self taught, draws inspiration from pop / fandom culture and has enjoyed drawing her favorite television and film characters for over twenty-five years.

Check out this eye-popping portrait of Rey; according to her it was created in PS (is that Photoshop?)


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And here’ s a portrait of Luke that, in my opinion, rivals any image of him created for the official ‘Star Wars’ posters…. luke-euclase-web

Going beyond Star Wars, Elicia’s work encompasses many different films and genres. If you love art, especially art inspired by pop culture, do yourself a favor and check out some more of her work on Tumblr and on her blog.


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