How A ‘Star Wars’ City Looks During Imperial Occupation

The Effects Of The Empire’s Ambitions Are Obvious…

One thing we don’t see during the Star Wars films is what a modern and thriving city looks like after Imperial occupation and what the different effects might look like. These frame grabs of the capital city on Lothal, shared by Redditor Blackfire853, are from the canon animated series Star Wars: Rebels. The top image is what the city was supposed to look like during its planning stages and the bottom is what the Empire built instead…. More Star Wars news…. 

lothal-web The effects of Imperial occupation are obvious. Keep in mind that the perspective of the two shots are different. The first is pointing towards the water while the second is taken from above the water. The “after” shows a murkier, smoggier and much more industrial and militaristic landscape than what might have been. And, no doubt, there are many war crimes being committed against the natives of Lothal within the reality of that second picture. Many thanks to Blackfire853 for sharing!


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