Han Solo’s Thoughts During THAT Moment On The Bridge

Plus Snoke’s Opinion of Solo…

Film novelizations often offer more meat to scenes than any movie could ever hope to deliver. For example, this passage from the 1983 Return of the Jedi novelization revealed the thoughts which ran through Darth Vader’s mind as he lay dying in Luke’s arms. What was sorrowful in the film version became tragic and heartbreaking in the novel. The result is a fresh perspective on a familiar, beloved and iconic scene. There is a similar instance in the junior novel of The Force Awakens by Michael Kogge. The scene in question? That fateful and heartbreaking moment between another father and son in the Star Wars universe, Han & Ben Solo….

At first, Han didn’t feel anything except a piercing heat in his chest. Then his lungs didn’t work. His heart stopped beating. His legs wobbled. He lost his feet. The fiery blade sank deeper. And he knew that this time, this impossible situation was one Chewie couldn’t save him from. In the last few seconds of his life, he thought of the Falcon and his furry first mate and his beautiful princess, but he saw only his son. The darkness in his eyes. And the sadness. Han forgave his son for what he had done. He prayed someday his son would forgive him in turn.

This text from the junior novel was shared recently on Reddit by redditor Sapitoelgato and it breaks my heart all over again.

From The Force Awakens novelization (not the junior version) also come some great moments of dialogue…. (NEXT PAGE)


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