First Order Snowtroopers From Hot Toys!

Two Figures To Choose From: Officer & Standard Grunt….

Hot Toys continues to wow collectors with their highly detailed 1:6 scale First Order Snowtrooper collectibles.  This right on the heels of releasing their incredible Kylo Ren and First Order Stormtrooper figures on Force Friday. According to the Hot Toys website, the Snowtrooper figure is…

…equipped with completely redesigned advanced insulated armor and helmets that can reduce the glare of icy terrain…

snow troopers scouting
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Two versions of the figure are available; both feature redesigned armor, helmet and backpack. The first version is the standard First Order Snowtrooper, armed with a blaster rifle with extended stock, and the second version is the Snowtrooper Officer. Also armed with blaster rifle with extended stock, the Officer comes with a pair of articulated binoculars and a red color cauldron which indicates his rank of officer.

snow trooper officer
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The Snowtroopers, like all Hot Toys figures, also come with extra hands for different poses…

snowtrooper hands


You’ll have to wait to get yours though since their release date is sometime in the first half of 2016. That gives you time to save some pennies after Christmas since their price will be pretty steep at a reported $215 for the standard, $220 for the Officer and $390 for an Officer / Standard Trooper bundle.

Visit Hot Toys online for a complete list of specs, features and accessories.

snowtrooper official
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