Exclusive New Captain Phasma Image

Empire Releases Unseen Pic Of Mysterious New ‘Star Wars’ Villain…

Empire is on a roll. In the past week they’ve released new images of Kylo Ren and Constable Zuvio and have had exclusive interviews with Andy Serkis about his character Supreme Leader Snoke and John Boyega about receiving his lightsaber.

Now they’ve released an exclusive new picture of ‘Chrometrooper’ Captain Phasma who promises to be this generation’s Boba Fett but with teeth.

Cap-Phasma-webI recently saw a discussion questioning whether or not Phasma would, at some point during the new Trilogy, remove her helmet. It’s my thought that Gwendoline Christie would not have been hired to play the part had keeping the helmet on been part of the plan.

Many thanks to Empire for sharing this photo. Their Star Wars: The Force Awakens special issue will hit shelves on November 26, a scant twenty-three days before the movie drops in theaters.


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