Episode VII’s Star Destroyer Has A Name!

Star Wars: Ships of the Galaxy Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag!

Devastator. Avenger. Executer.

These intimidating alpha-male names belong to the prominent Star Destroyers featured in Star Wars IV, V & VI.

StarWars7News.com got their hands on a new book featuring the design and the name of the First Order Star Destroyer making its debut in The Force Awakens this December.

Courtesy of our friend JeffG. from the Cantina, here’s our first look inside the upcoming book release, “Star Wars: Ships of the Galaxy.” It shows what appears to be the First Order star destroyer that we saw in the second teaser:


Notice the name: Finalizer.

Here’s how the vessel looks in the second TFA teaser trailer:

finalizer from trailer

Could Finalizer be what Rey and BB-8 are reacting to in this shot from the Star Wars Instagram teaser?


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