Empire Magazine Drops Long-Awaited Star Wars Bombshell!

Star Wars Purists To Rejoice At News Delivered By None Other Than Director John Landis!

Since this news is originating from the one and only Empire magazine, the immensely popular movie magazine which has been guest edited in the past by luminaries such as Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, it is the next best thing to being an official announcement. Apparently, Disney will re-release the  theatrical versions of the original Star Wars trilogy.

This from Empire magazine Twitter account:

This news has been long-awaited by Star Wars fans ever since George Lucas released the much reviled Special Editions in 1997 and made them the only versions of the Episodes IV, V & VI available to the public. How and why John Landis became privy to this information is unknown to me but I do believe Landis and Lucas to be close friends. More news to be forthcoming as it becomes available.

***This original post was mistakenly titled “Disney Drops Long-Awaited Star Wars Bombshell! That mistake has been corrected.