Did ‘Star Wars’ Actor Just Confirm The Truth Of The Craziest Fan Theory Ever???

If This Turns Out To Be True, It Will Rock Me To My Star Wars-loving Core…

When this theory popped up recently it didn’t interest me so I ignored it. Personally, I don’t like to jump on the bandwagon of just any bit of news BUT this morning something VERY interesting surfaced online. It’s from the twitter account of a Star Wars Prequel Trilogy actor which SEEMS to confirm that this theory is, in fact, true. Seeing the tweet, I delved into the theory and now it’s really got me thinking….

The theory I’m referring to is the one which suggests that Jar Jar Binks…

…was a trained Force user, knowing Sith collaborator and will play a central role in ‘The Force Awakens’.

Ahmed Best, is the actor who played Jar Jar Binks, and here is his tweet from the morning of November 2nd, 2015.

Notice the hashtag… #TPM

The theory itself was born two days ago (as of this writing) on an insanely popular and brilliant Reddit post by Lumpawarroo.

Here’s how it goes….

Jar Jar is a skilled warrior who, despite coming across as a bumbling fool, is capable of incredible physical feats which, in the context of the Star Wars universe, are comparable to those performed by the Jedi, Sith or force sensitive individuals.

Here, Lumpawarroo gives an example of Jar Jar executing an amazing feat of acrobatics.

Let us remember that during the Battle of Naboo in Episode 1, he single-handedly took down a droid tank and dispatched multiple battle droids with a blaster that was tangled around his ankle.

Was this luck? According to Obi-Wan, the answer is a firm “no.”

According to the Reddit post, Jar Jar’s silly clumsiness is…

…a deliberate facade on the part of Jar Jar as a character, and on the part of the writers and animators.

The theory goes on to compare Jar Jar’s “technique” of goofy and uncoordinated fighting to the Zui Quan or Drunken Fist wushu. These martial arts disciplines use bodily momentum, deception and unpredictability while giving the appearance of a drunkard in order to confuse and subdue enemies.

I saw these comparison videos, and that’s where I started taking this theory a bit more seriously. Have a look…

Jar Jar Kipping Up

Zui Quan Comparison

Jar Jar “sloshing”

Zui Quan Comparison

Jar Jar Sweeps the Leg (at the top of this video notice that he quickly dodges a laser blast as quickly as a Jedi would)

Zui Qaun Comparison

Jar Jar Centering himself in preparation for a Force Jump

Zui Quan Comparison

While being a skilled boxer doesn’t necessarily imply that Jar Jar is a Sith Lord it does demonstrate that there is more to this clown than meets the eye.

Here is a scene which, at the top, shows Jar Jar being just as sneaky and stealthy as his Jedi friends but, as the battle begins, his “drunken master” technique comes into full play and Jar Jar seemingly executes the same move Luke does in Episode 6 behind the backs of the Jedi. Take a look…

Jar Jar Ambush

Notice that he messes up, falls and grabs the balcony BUT THEN falls to the ground on the opposite side of where he should have fallen.  You can clearly see the second battle droid on the left reacting to Jar Jar’s “mistake.” Was Jar Jar’s tumbling purposeful? The droid’s reaction seals the deal for me. Here is a slow-motion version. Initially the battle droid was aiming at where Jar Jar was holding on to the balcony and reacts to his new and unexpected landing location. There is something clearly going on here…

Lumpawarroo goes on to explain that there is no way Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan would have allowed a goofball such as Jar Jar to accompany them, that there is no way Jar Jar would have become a general and there is no way Jar Jar would have become a Senator unless Jar Jar was also a master of Jedi Mind Control. Remember how Jedi use their hands when using their mind tricks?

It turns out Jar Jar was doing the same thing when…

getting promoted to general…

getting promoted to the Senate…

…and persuading the Senate.

The theory goes on to suggest that if you watch the Prequels with this theory in mind, you’ll begin to notice how manipulative Jar Jar is being the entire time. He tricks the Jedi to travel through the planetary core so they end up needing him. He causes a scene so that Anakin is discovered. Also, Jar Jar mocks Qui-Gon behind his back to Anakin thus planting the seeds early on within Skywalker to disrespect the Jedi. And the big one: Jar Jar tells Anakin that Amidala is “hot” in Episode 1  and tells Anakin that she is happy to see him despite Anakin thinking otherwise and, in this way, encourages his infatuation which provides an exploitable weakness later on.

So, were Jar Jar and Palpatine partners? Well. they’re from the same planet, aren’t they? In galactic terms, you might as well be next door neighbors if you come from the same world. And IT IS established that they do hang out together in Episode 3. If Jar Jar really is a bumbling fool, why would he be part of Palpatine’s entourage? Why would Palpatine suffer such a fool?

Remember all of the compelling evidence that was presented earlier this year about the Star Wars Ring Theory which states the Prequels were meticulously crafted to mirror the Original Trilogy?

Well George Lucas said this about Yoda many years ago in a making-of documentary…

Yoda really comes from a tradition in mythological storytelling- fairy tales -of the hero finding a little creature on the side of the road that seems very insignificant and not very important, but who turns out to be the master wizard, or the master thing…

The theory suggests that Jar Jar was originally created to be the “little creature” of the Prequels who later is revealed to be “something more” just like Yoda was. And, in the way that the Ring Theory establishes that the Prequels and the Original Trilogy mirror each other in complex ways, Jar Jar would have been the evil mythological equivalent of Yoda.

If this were the case, why did Jar Jar’s true nature never get revealed? What happened? Shouldn’t have Yoda dueled with Jar Jar instead of Dooku at the end of Episode 2? The Jar Jar theory goes on to suggest that Lucas got cold feet after Jar Jar’s cold reception from critics and fans and decided to pull the plug on his character arc thus replacing him with the dull, “shoe-horned in” Count Dooku. Prepare to have your mind blown…

It does seem odd that such a major character in Episode 1, who filled that important Yoda / Chewbacca role in the Prequels, would be so downplayed in the subsequent films. The only explanation, of course, is that everyone hated Jar Jar’s character. Long before his twitter post this morning, Ahmed Best confirmed, on a Reddit AMA session that there were huge changes to Jar Jar’s character arc in response to fans’ reactions to the character.

Okay, what do you think so far? Because on the next page the theory is about to go deeper. If this ends up being true (and I hope it isn’t), and if you don’t like spoilers, TURN BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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