Constable Zuvio From ‘The Force Awakens’

Empire Breaks New Character Image From Star Wars Episode 7!

Despite all the trailers and T.V. spots released for The Force Awakens I still feel like we’ve only seen the tiniest fraction of what’s in store. This means that we’ll be bombarded with new images, sequences, music and characters for the first time as we’re seated in the theater this December.

To hold us over until then, here is an image of Constable Zuvio courtesy of Empire magazine. We’ve never seen this guy who is described by Lucasfilm as a…

vigilant law officer on a mostly lawless world [who] keeps order in a frontier trading post… [and is] tough and humorless.

That’s all we got on him folks! We don’t know anything else about him but it is reasonable to expect to see him on Jakku based on all of the sand in the picture.

Zuvio-webConstable Zuvio is definitely creepy and I love the masks his underlings are wearing. Very nice! Read the whole article over at Empire


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