Cameras Have Started Rolling On Star Wars: Episode VIII

According to Entertainment Weekly, cameras have started rolling on Star Wars: Episode VIII. The magazine cites Walt Disney Co.’s quarterly earnings call given by Disney CEO Bob Iger.

According to Iger…

Filming of Star Wars: Episode VIII, the next chapter of the legendary saga, has just commenced and it will be in theaters December 2017.









Originally the next installment in the Star Wars saga, which was written by and is being directed by Rian Johnson, was set to begin production in January 2016 but, when the film’s release date was pushed from May 2017 to December of the same year, the principal photography date was also pushed back.








Bob Iger went on to give an update about Star Wars: Rogue One, which opens this December and also, surprisingly, Episode IX…

Filming of Rogue One is virtually completed and we absolutely love what we’ve seen so far. This is the first of a set of planned stand-alone stories and we’re already in preproduction on our next one, for release in May of 2018. And production of Episode IX, a 2019 release, has also begun.

Word around the campfire has been that Star Wars: Rogue One will be unlike any other Star Wars movie. As far as Episode IX is concerned, Iger probably means that pre-production is well underway.

More in Star Wars news… 








The next standalone film Iger is referring to is probably the “young Han Solo” movie which is being directed by  Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the mastermind directors behind The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street.  As of now, the world awaits with bated breath for word on who exactly will portray the Corellian smuggler. For more Star Wars info disclosed during the earnings call visit EW online.


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