C-3PO’s Origins As Described In 1977

Threepio’s Backstory In His Own Words (written by George Lucas Over 30 Years Ago)…


C-3PO’s origin was famously (or infamously) explored in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. While fans of the Original Trilogy deemed his backstory outlandish in view of the revelation that it was none other than a young Anakin Skywalker who built him, it so happens that George Lucas had a big part of Threepio’s origin story figured out as far back as 1977.

Star Wars conceptual drawing by Ralph McQuarrie

The following is C-3PO explaining his origins from the book The Making of Star Wars by JW Rinzler. Some key points will be familiar.

That’s where I really started out. It was a good thirty-seven years before I was actually transferred into protocol. When I started in the embassy, I was one of twelve hundred interpreter droids. I was in the Outland areas and there were a lot of strange planets being amassed into the Republic. There was actually a very high attrition rate out there, too, because of the strange climates. Many of the droids would fall apart very rapidly. I was lucky to be totally reassembled by a young boy working for a junk dealer. After several years I gained new coverings and became as good as new. Then I went on to become attached to the court of Alderaan, eventually working myself up to become the special assistant translator to the captain of a diplomatic starship, Captain Antilles.

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I like this backstory a lot and find it interesting that Lucas, over 30 years ago, had a vision of C-3PO being re-assembled by a young boy working in a junkyard and eventually got new covers for his parts. Here’s a screenshot of The Making of Star Wars page shared by Redditor NiceDriving.book-quote-web


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