Boba Fett Redesign

Fan Re-Imagines Galaxy’s Most Infamous Bounty Hunter…

Artist Gregory Vlasenko has redesigned Boba Fett and the result contains at least six callbacks to other Star Wars characters. Take a look…


























First, what did Bossk ever do to end up on a Wanted poster?? Second, the trophy bag says TR-8R. Although that is the character’s unofficial name it refers to Stormtrooper FN-2199, Finn’s ex-squadmate who battles him on Takodana. Third, I’m assuming that is Threepio’s arm and, fourth, Luke’s hand but I believe both are the wrong side unless they are trophies representing another protocol droid and unlucky human. I don’t know whose lightsaber the first one is but the one on the right looks like Darth Vader’s which makes it the fifth recognizable trophy. And last but not least…. ACK! Yoda’s ears! Based on the trophies pictured this piece of art could be called “Boba’s Revenge”!!

Things You Don’t Know About Vader’s Mask & Suit…. 

Of course, there is a precedent for Boba Fett to carry trophies with him. These are braided Wookie scalps…












What do you think of the Boba Fett redesign? If you like it, you’d probably be into this Boba Fett tactical gear












Check out more of Gregory Vlasenko’s work on ArtStation. Here’s another beautiful Star Wars piece by him called “Forest Scouts”…

The Endor Holocaust



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