Amateur Photog Puts The “Action” In Action Figure

Childhood Dreams Awaken In Star Wars Toy Photoset

samurai clone

I remember creating elaborate and epic plot lines for my Star Wars action figures when I was a child growing up in the late 70’s and 80’s. My friends told me I always came up with the best scenarios when we’d go over to each other’s houses to play Star Wars. I had forgotten those magical times until I saw photographer Zahir Batin’s photo series created with action figures, a few props, and a whole lot of talent behind the lens.

force choke


University of Selangor admin staffer and amateur photographer Zahir Batin spends his down time rocking out fun and creative narratives with some modest gear and Star Wars action figures. I know this isn’t the first time we’ve posted figures photographed in this manner. Still, the allure of the Star Wars universe coupled with some good photography know-how is too much to resist. And when done as well as Zahir’s shots, they never fails (sic) to make me smile.

darth samurai

Zahir has created scenes which can be described as whimsical, epic and dramatic. One photo shows an unmasked Darth Vader standing atop a cliff at sunset as if considering the fate of the galaxy….

darth sunset

…while another photo depicts a clone trooper performing the splits over two speeding speeder bikes….


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misty mist