Absolutely Stunning Darth Vader & Stormtroopers In 3D!

UBER-TALENTED Artist TOM ISAKSEN Recreates Star Wars Scenes In Photorealistic Detail!!!

Tom Isaksen is a Senior Character Artist at Ubisoft where his full-time passion and occupation is creating 3D characters. Originally from Denmark, he currently holds his Ubisoft position in Paris, France. Isaksen has taken the artistic level of fan art into the stratosphere with these 3D works of familiar Star Wars scenes. Take a look…

Click each picture to ENLARGE….

About this work Tom Isaksen says….

Darth Vader on deck of the second Death Star preparing for the arrival of the emperor. Everything modelled from scratch in 3ds Max and ZBrush, rendered with Octane Render.


Photorealistic Sandtroopers on the next page!


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