1st Images from Star Wars: Shattered Empire!!!

Marvel Previews Art From It’s Most Eagerly Anticipated Star Wars Comic: Shattered Empire.

Earlier this year Marvel received the rights to Star Wars once again. As a reader of the original Marvel Star Wars comics in the 70’s and 80’s, this new marriage brings back a lot of memories.

Here is a pic of issue #1 from the 1970’s.

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On September 2nd, Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto’s Journey To Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Shattered Empire #1 will finally be on sale. The focus of the four-issue comic series is to explain what happened in the time period between the destruction of the second Death Star and the events to be depicted in The Force Awakens.

This week Marvel previewed panel art for the new comic and it is absolutely stunning. Click each pic for a closer look.

From StarWars.com:

The destruction of the second Death Star and the death of the Emperor in Return of the Jedi wasn’t the end. It wasn’t the end of the Empire, it wasn’t the end of the Rebellion’s fight against tyranny. It wasn’t the end of Star Wars. It was actually a beginning.

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“When you’re young and you see Jedi,” series writer Greg Rucka tells StarWars.com, “you can look at the happy ending and go, ‘Hey, it’s over!’ But you get older and you start to think about it, and you realize, no it’s not. It’s not over at all.” That’s the basis of Shattered Empire, which follows new characters Kes and main protagonist Shara Bey — husband and wife Rebels — as the struggle for freedom continues.

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“The Empire still has resources. The Empire still has an enormous fleet,” Rucka says. “They may be in disarray post the Battle of Endor, but to think that in that vacuum people aren’t stepping up [is shortsighted].

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Shattered Empire, illustrated by Marco Chechetto (see his beautiful art above), will cover this new ground in multiple ways: by showing how the Empire reacts when it’s down, and by showing how different worlds change after world-changing events.  “… I tend to look at is propaganda,” he says. “Who controls the airwaves? The Empire does. So, the Rebellion can be jumping up and down, and screaming at the top their lungs, ‘Palpatine is dead!’ But I guarantee you, that message didn’t reach 70 percent of the galaxy. It’s a rumor. It’s a whisper.”

Seeing the behind-the-scenes images for Rogue One this week and then looking at the panel art above makes me hope Lucasfilm produces more anthology films which takes place around the same time the Original Trilogy does. For the entire in-depth interview with series writer Greg Rucka about Shattered Empire, visit StarWars.com.  I’ll see you at the comic store!